Christian Education

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31–32)

Teaching, learning, and reading are all ways we can come to know the truth.

In Christian Education, we aim to foster biblical convictions in our church from cradle to grave that will sanctify and transform us—to be more like Jesus.

U12 Ministry

We are the Sunday school ministry in True Way, catering to children aged 3–12. Our mission is to teach for life change and to challenge every child to live for Jesus.

We teach God’s word through songs, Bible stories and teaching, games, crafts, scripture memory, and prayer. Our teachers aim to nurture the faith and character of each child and help them develop physically and socially.

Our goals are to

  • Teach and mentor children to grow in the knowledge and fear of the Lord
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn to worship God
  • Impart and model godly values
  • Lay a good foundation for spiritual disciplines so that children can learn to draw near to God for guidance, strength, and courage in daily living
  • Work with parents in nurturing the faith of children through encouraging family devotions and Christian education seminars
We welcome

All children aged 12 and below

Nursery (ages 3–4)
Kindergarten (ages 5–6)
Primary (ages 7–12)


Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday
Room 201

We encourage parents to bring their children to the Sunday service on 1st and 5th Sundays.

For more details about our meetings, please contact


Rev Stanley Soh
U12 Pastor
[email protected]

Youth Zone (YZ) Ministry

YZ is the youth ministry in True Way, and we’re a community of young disciples aged 13–18 seeking to follow Christ together. We want to delight in God, learn sound doctrine, and reach others by word and deed.

At our meetings, we gather for praise and worship, followed by a talk. Then we break into small groups for discussion and prayer. At other times we bond through activities like outdoor games and picnics.

We Welcome

All youths aged 13–18


Every Sunday (except 1st Sundays)
Level 2 MPH

For more details about our meetings, talk to


Rev Edwin Wong
Youth Pastor
[email protected]

Pr Png Eng Keat
[email protected]

Joel Seah
YZ Chairman
[email protected]

Young Adults Ministry (YAM)

We’re a ministry of young adults aged 19–26 who meet regularly in small groups for prayer, Bible study, and Christian education classes. Our goal is to be properly formed by the Word of God so that we can faithfully live out our vocations in the world.

People experience major transitions in this period of their life, such as entering tertiary studies, national service, the workforce, romantic relationships, or even marriage. These transitions may challenge our faith but are also opportunities for spiritual growth.

That’s why we hope to serve all young adults in our community by providing avenues for continuing catechesis, formation, fellowship, and pastoral care.

We Welcome

All young adults aged 19–26


Every Saturday

Time and venue may change depending on the week's programme.

For more details, please contact


Pr Png Eng Keat
[email protected]

Rebecca Goh
YAM Co-Chair
[email protected]

Linus Lee
YAM Co-Chair

Resource Library Ministry

We serve the True Way community by providing Christian books and media catered to all ages. We also maintain a small archive.

Our mission is to promote a healthy reading habit to facilitate spiritual growth and lifelong worship.

Can I Serve?

We're recruiting librarians and book reviewers.

Opening Hours

Every Sunday

Except on Sundays with a combined service or as otherwise announced.


Amos Ho
Resource Library Ministry Chairman
[email protected]

Newsletter Ministry

TOGETHER is True Way’s newsletter which began life in the late 70s. During the pandemic, what used to be a print-only newsletter went online. The articles are now accessible from our website.

TOGETHER brings together news, commentaries, interviews, and devotionals. It is read by members, and regular worshippers, and shared with congregations of the English Presbytery. The newsletter is now published about twice a year.


Eld Lee Chung Horn
Newsletter Ministry IC
[email protected]

Website Ministry

We update and maintain the functionality of this website.

Can I Serve?

We're on the lookout for anyone who has the skills to manage a WordPress CMS.


Tony Cheung
Website Ministry IC
[email protected]