Worship & Prayer

This pillar consists of all the ministries which make Sunday corporate worship service possible.

The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. The weekly gathering of God’s people to celebrate the resurrection of Christ seeks to fulfil this goal. It is our joy and privilege. Those who serve in this pillar have the double joy and privilege to faciliate this spiritual discipline which is also very vital for the growth of the church. The Prayer Ministry is included in this pillar because prayer is an integral part of worship, both corporately and individually.

Worship Ministry

We ensure that services in the church are carried out well to the glory of God. There are different areas of service coordinated by the worship ministry: band, computer, Holy Communion preparation, livestreaming, sound, support singers, ushers, welcome team, and worship leaders.

Elder Lek Siang Hwa
[email protected]

Deacon Edmund Chia
[email protected]

Shabach Choir

We lead the congregation in singing to the Lord during Sunday services. In enabling and enhancing the voices of the people, we seek to inspire true praise and worship from their hearts.

The choir sings in the Sunday services once a month but meets weekly on Thursday evenings for practice. We welcome anyone who loves to sing for the glory of God.

Timings & Venue

Practices are on Thursdays at 7.30pm in Church


Gaius Lee
[email protected]

Prayer Ministry

We work to help the congregation engage faithfully and intentionally in individual and corporate prayer.

On a regular basis, the prayer committee organises church prayer meetings, provides prayer items for Sunday services, and puts up the church’s monthly prayer calendar for the congregation. We also organise church prayer retreats, Christian education classes on prayer, and provide prayer support for church outreach programmes.


Pr George Ang
[email protected]