Monthly Prayer

MAY 2024

  1. Give thanks to God for seeing Gavriel through his second Weighted Assessment. Give thanks to God for helping him do well in the interschool Robotics Competition.
  2. Pray for Noah and Tyler that they will grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.
  3. Pray for Ps Kien Seng as he has a heavy preaching schedule in May while still preparing the sermons for Grace Bible Presbyterian Church Camp in June. Pray that he will preach with great power and great grace will be upon all the listeners.
  1. Pray for Ps George to trust in God, lean on Him and adore Him.
  2. Pray for him and his family to spend time with God regularly and to serve Him with a grateful and thankful heart.
  1. Thank God for the team led by Fuzhen as they organised the various activities and shared more about Mission with the U12 children and YZers.
  2. Pray for good preparation and fruitful training for the trippers who have/are signing up for the mission trips this year: June (Thailand, Kalasin), Sept (Japan, Kyoto), Oct (Pakistan), Nov/Dec (Thailand, Chiang Rai).
  3. Pray that God may grant our worshippers a compelling vision on how each of us can play an active role in reaching out to unbelievers and pouring ourselves out in humble service in missions.
  1. Pray for Thai women who are married to Singaporeans and Thai workers who come to study English and Chinese on Tuesdays and Sundays. Pray that the classes will be helpful for their daily living and work in Singapore. Pray that they will experience God’s love and open their hearts to the Gospel.  
  2. Pray for the worship team: musicians, worship leaders, and support singers. Pray that everyone will live a life of intimacy with God and live a life of worship so that all will worship God in spirit and truth. 
  3. Pray that all will thirst for God daily in their personal devotion and exercise faith and love for God and God’s people.
  1. Pray for God’s provision of 2 more people to serve in SE.
  2. Pray that passers-by will accept the tracts/outreach materials and read them.
  3. Pray for people’s hearts to be receptive to the SE team’s sharing.
  4. Pray that, in due time, hearers will give their hearts to Jesus.
  1. Pray for God’s provision of 2 more ABC leaders, especially in conducting Group-based ABC classes.
  2. Pray for ABC leaders to be effective in building up the faith of those who attend the classes, and for the latter to not only learn but also apply God’s truths into their lives.
  3. Pray that those who have completed the ABC class will proceed to the SCL class so that their faith can be further deepened.
  1. Thank God for the commendable efforts and the spirit of excellence that our boys displayed during the recent BB Blaze competition. One of our teams emerged 3rdout of a total of more than 110 teams. Pray that this experience will spur them to continue giving their best in all that they do.
  2. Thank God for the faithful service of our Sec 4 Boys. Pray that they will continue to be wise and exercise self-discipline in their time management and other  aspect of their lives as they hand over their leadership responsibilities. Pray that many will be eager to return as Primers to help our Coy and serve with their juniors.
  3. Pray that the new Sec 3 appointment holders will encounter God’s grace in a personal way and be drawn to faith in Christ as they learn about trusting and seeking God in all that they do. Pray that God will use our Officers and teacher-in-charge to impact their lives and be a good mentor for them.
  1. Thank God for the wonderful opportunity to perform for the U12 children during Thanksgiving Sunday.
  2. Pray for willing hearts to join us for this performance and that the team will manage their time well for their practices in the midst of their work or exams.
  3. Pray for wisdom as we continue to discuss the plans for the ministry during Q3 and Q4.
    1. Care Club:

    Pray that children will have a good relationship with the volunteers.

    Pray for opportunities where the volunteers can share the gospel with the children and that they will continue to have passion in their engagement with the children.


    1. After Care:

    Pray that the participants of this program will eager to walk closer with God each day and learn to do their quiet time daily.

    Pray also that the Lord will sustain them and that they will find joy in their work.


    1. Family Care:

    Pray that God will guide the volunteers and sustain their work. Pray that they will always be passionate about engaging the beneficiaries on a regular basis.

    Pray that the beneficiaries will be open to hear the gospel.

  1. Pray for abundance of opportunities as we reach out to the jammers & invite them to our church activities & events.
  2. Pray that the Christian jammers in our midst will also be Christ’s ambassadors to the non-Christians.
  3. Pray that more church members to join us as hosts/befrienders as we reach out to the jammers.
  1. Pray for the monthly Sing And Strum session to be both musically and spiritually refreshing for the attendees as there is a 30 minutes devotion during the session. Pray that Jammers who are believers will also make an effort to invite their pre-believers friends to attend.
  2. Pray that Ngiap Joo will be able to minister and engage the residents of the nursing home during the weekly ukulele performance at St Andrew Nursing Home (Queenstown). Thank God he is allowed to sing a few Christian songs.
  1. Pray for students to be more committed and regular for the weekly tuition session. 
  2. Thank God for many committed and long serving teachers. Pray that they will be refreshed and renewed in their service.
  1. Pray for more volunteers from church to come for the weekly Friday “Game Seniors Play” at Esther Active Ageing Center and the monthly “Uncle Go Gai Gai” outings (for Senior Men from Esther AAC).
  2. Thank God that some Seniors from the Meals On Wheel program and those from Sarah/Esther AAC are coming for Sunday worship. Pray for consistency and that they are able to integrate into our church. Pray that our church worshippers will welcome and interact with them.

Pray for our Church, TWPC-EC: : “To watch over our speech.”

Read and Ponder: Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips! (Psalm 141:3 ESV). Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14 ESV).

Food for Thought: Think first before we speak. Be wise in choosing the right words. If we are weak in this area, let us look to God to guide and help us. We can use Psalm 141:3 as a prayer to God. We do not want to stumble others in our speech. May we be thoughtful to each other as we speak. May we speak words of encouragement to each other. Remember that the LORD is our Rock and our Redeemer. In our speech, we want to please God.


  1. Pray that we will think first before we speak.
  2. Pray that we will know when to speak and when to be silent.
  3. Pray that we will speak words of encouragement to each other.
  4. Pray that we will ask God for His guidance and help in speaking appropriately to one another.
  5. Pray that we will be considerate about how others may respond to us when we speak with them.
  6. Pray that we will be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in our speech.
  7. Pray that we will be open to corrections if we falter in our speech.