Peer Supporters

You may contact any one of the peer supporters for help if you are experiencing some form of mental stress or know of someone who needs support in this area.

Name Email
Rev Lee Kien Seng [email protected]
Rev Edwin Wong [email protected]
Rev Loliro Sani [email protected]
Rev Stanley Soh [email protected]
Pr Png Eng Keat [email protected]
Pr Suttiporn [email protected]
Ai Leen Lim [email protected]
Andes Poh [email protected]>
Audrey Lee [email protected]
Chan Kin Ming [email protected]
Christine Ang [email protected]
Corinne Tan [email protected]
Dorothea [email protected]
Eddy Teo [email protected]
Joanna Chan [email protected]
Ken Tan [email protected]
Linda Chew [email protected]
Martin [email protected]
Michael Khoo [email protected]
Michelle Cheong [email protected]
Richard Chua [email protected]
Tan Teoh Khoon [email protected]
Wilson Chua [email protected]
Yap Ai Tin [email protected]

Please allow some time for the Peer Supporter to get back to you.