Pastoral Perspectives

A Time To Be Judged

The court was called to order and the prosecutors brought forth their charges. The one on trial stood alone while the few supporters could only watch helplessly by the side. Evidences were fabricated because the one on trial was innocent but was nevertheless pronounced guilty since the whole setup had been a conspiracy from the start.  Well, what am I talking about and who was this person on trial? Yes, we know that some 2000 years ago, an innocent man was judged and crucified because enemies had conspired against him. And the season of Lent draws us to reflect again on that great event that changed the course of humanity.

However, if you would pardon me, I am not referring to the trial of Jesus in this case. I am talking about another Korean drama that ended its run recently. And if you know which one I am referring to, then I suppose you were also hooked to it like I was. Yes, Ice Adonis was the second drama from the land of Kimchi that was able to get my family together for TV fellowship after dinner and for me to write a perspective out of it, the first being Cruel Temptation in 2010. I had waited patiently for the drama to end so that I could begin writing. And now that it has finally ended, allow me to briefly share four lessons that I have learned in ‘sets of twos’. They are not new to us but I guess it is always good to be reminded time and time again.

The first set of two is about two women who plotted Evil against two other women. One (E1) did it out of greed, i.e. for wealth and power, and so she tried to kill the other (R1) in order to become the only woman of a rich man who owned a cosmetic company. One generation later, another woman (E2) schemed against yet another (R2)? What was her agenda? Well, it had to do with R2’s fiance (X) who happened to be the son of R1, i.e. she did it for love. So she fabricated evidences and had R2 sent to prison in order to marry her man. And so it is often said that the lust for wealth and power and desire for love and affection can drive humanity to do crazy things in order to get hold of either one or both. I thought this drama illustrated it beautifully. Let us take heed lest we fall like the two scheming women. So what happened to them? I shall talk about it later.

The second set of two is about two women who plotted Revenge against two other women, i.e. R1 taking on E1 and R2 taking on E2. Both Rs and discovered they had common grudges and so teamed up. R1 had also resorted to burning the car with E1 inside, i.e. an eye for an eye. R2 found out and told her that it was wrong to do so. Though R2 was filled with hatred, she did not want to commit wrong just to seek revenge and become evil like them. And thankfully, R1 realized her error and heeded wise counsel. Well, I suppose her wise counsel is also timely for us. For we know that in this fallen world, people can betray or falsely accuse others, including friends and family members. Let us take heed lest we retaliate and become evil ourselves. So what should we do then? Well, you can read my earlier perspective dated 15 January 2012.

The third set of two is about two step-brothers (X and Y) who were ignorant of the things happening around them. X married E2, not knowing that she had knocked down his sister and framed R2 for her death. Y became good friend with R1, not knowing that his mother E1 was responsible for her ordeal and that she was plotting revenge. And because they were ignorant and hence oblivious to the things happening around them, their lives went on rather peacefully as they sought to pursue their goals and dreams. So X worked to regain his CEO position in the cosmetic company while Y was determined to support and woo R2, i.e. for wealth, power, love and affection again. And so it is often said that ignorance is a bliss. I guess it can be true but is not always true. For there are times when we cannot afford to be ignorant, like how we have all sinned and incur the wrath of a holy God. Ignorance is no excuse. It is better to know and do something about it while there is still time. And so both men finally realized the truths and did what they could and should. X helped to expose E2’s crimes while Y sacrificed his life to save R1’s grandson and brought peace between E1 and R1 as a result. Let us therefore be willing to help those who are ignorant of their sins against God by sharing the good news with them and letting them know how the Son had given up his life to bring peace between God and men.

And finally, the last set of two is about two trials. I began with the first, which reminds me of Jesus because an innocent person stood trial. I shall end with the second, which reminds me of the Last Day when everyone shall stand trial. Whatever sins and evil committed in the dark shall be exposed in the light. But first, allow me to revisit E1 again, i.e. the mother of Y who plotted evil against R1 for the sake of wealth and power. When Y died, she realized her filial son was more precious than all the gold, money and shares she had and was craving for. She was willing to give all up but sadly she could not have her son back. Let us take heed lest we are also busy working and craving for these things and neglecting people around us, especially those we love and who love us. Do not wait until they are gone, for it will be too late.

And so the final trial began. Concrete evidences exposed E2’s guilt and R2’s mother asked her to seek her daughter’s forgiveness and accept just punishment. But she did not because pride got in her way. Therefore the judge gave the final verdict: R2 was declared innocent because of perjury in her earlier trial while E2 was sentenced to life imprisonment because she was not repentant for the crimes she had committed. Likewise, the righteous God will sit on his holy throne on that day and will separate the sheep from the goat. Some will be declared innocent because Jesus has atoned for their sins but others will be judged guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in the lake of fire because they too did not want to repent. If only they would believe that Jesus had received just punishment on their behalf and seek God’s forgiveness for their sins, but alas, human pride often gets in the way and hinder people from accepting God’s free gift of salvation. So I am done with my re-telling of Ice Adonis. Well, we are drawing closer to the day we remember the first trial where an innocent Man was judged and crucified. Let us not forget that a time will come when all men shall be judged. Are you ready for it?

Pastor Ronnie Ang

March 10, 2013