Pastoral Care

This pillar focuses on the spiritual health and welfare of our members.

The backbone of the pillar is the Discipleship Groups (DGs) where pastoral care is exercised by the DG leader. All DG leaders come under the oversight of an elder or pastor. We are constantly encouraging new members to join a DG so that everyone in the church can be accounted for and effective pastoral care can be meted out accordingly.

Discipleship Group Ministry

The backbone of the pillar is the Discipleship Groups (DGs) where pastoral care is exercised by the DG leader. All church members are encouraged to join a DG so that everyone may be effectively cared for. A cluster of DGs is in turn overseen by a Pastor or an Elder.

DGs meet at least twice a month for worship, prayer, and Bible study. These meetings are avenues for members to edify, encourage, and support one another through life. DGs help to plan and execute events such as Alpha Course, Mid-Autumn Event, and tracting. They also help out with the preparation and serving of refreshments at Cozy Corner on Sundays. 

The objective of this ministry is to:

  • foster an environment for spiritual edification, fellowship, growth and accountability;
  • provide a platform for disciple-making to occur; 
  • build depth into the spiritual life of each Discipleship Group (DG) Leader so that they are encouraged in their walk with God and in their service for God and His people.

Preacher George Ang
[email protected]

Social Concern Ministry

We identify and respond to persons who may require financial assistance from the church. These persons may be our church members, or their immediate family. We assess individual cases through visits and interviews, and if necessary, refer them to other agencies for additional help. We do all these is in accordance with the principles laid out in Mathew 25:35-36 and Leviticus 25:35.


Teo Kee Meng
[email protected]

Women Ministry

We are a ministry that focuses on edifying fellow women and equipping them to nurture and serve their families and the church while providing them with avenues for evangelism. 

We organize talks for the needs of women. We also conduct workshops like flower-arrangement, origami, cooking demonstration, grooming, and sewing. Through these workshops, ladies can see themselves as a channel of blessing to others and be willing to be of service whenever God calls. We meet every 3rd Saturday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. All women are encouraged to bring their friends, colleagues and relatives to our programmes.

Target Group

Women in our congregation


Koh Siew Peng
[email protected]

Cancer Support Ministry

We extend spiritual and emotional care to cancer patients and their caregivers to help them remain steadfast in faith as they continue their difficult journey. We do this through listening to their concerns, hopes, and fears, sharing God’s Word and praying with them. As needed, we accompany patients to their medical appointments or refer them to other support groups/agencies. We also hope to share the love of Christ in practical ways with cancer patients who do not know Jesus Christ.

We welcome those who have a heart to love and ears to listen to join us in this ministry. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.


Andes Poh
[email protected]

Peer Support Ministry

The Peer Support Minsitry is another way in which the church can exercise the ‘One Another’ principle, namely Romans 15:7 ‘to accept one another’, 1 Thess 5:15 ‘to seek good for one another’ and Galatians 5:13 ‘through love, serve one another’.  It is with this in mind that this ministry intends to train Peer Supporters to walk alongside members who may be suffering from mental stress.  This ministry is not meant to substitute professional counselling or psychiatric help, but to identify those at risk early and link them to professional help if required.  If professional help is deemed not to be required, then this ministry serves to journey with them during the initial phase. 

You may find the list of our Peer Supporters here.


Reverend Lee Kien Seng
[email protected]