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Worship & Prayer

This pillar consists of all the ministries which make Sunday corporate worship service possible. 

The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. The weekly gathering of God’s people to celebrate the resurrection of Christ seeks to fulfil this goal. It is our joy and privilege. Those who serve in this pillar have the double joy and privilege to faciliate this spiritual discipline which is also very vital for the growth of the church. The Prayer Ministry is included in this pillar because prayer is an integral part of worship, both corporately and individually.


Christian Education

This pillar seeks to educate the members of the church, from cradle to grave, on the truths of God’s Word.

Know the truth and the truth will set us free. Education can be gained through teaching and learning; it can also be gained through reading. The aim is for us to build Biblical convictions which we will hold fast to and live out in order that we can be sanctified and transformed to be more like Christ.



This pillar has two arms – evangelism both local and abroad as well as community engagement.

Both constitute our efforts to heed the Great Commission to GO into our community and beyond, sharing the love of Jesus through deed and word. In serving others, we obey Christ’s command to love our neighbours as ourselves and if the opportunity presents itself, we will also share with them the Good News of salvation.


Community Engagement


Pastoral Care

This pillar focuses on the spiritual health and welfare of our members.

The backbone of the pillar is the Discipleship Groups (DGs) where pastoral care is exercised by the DG leader. All DG leaders come under the oversight of an elder or pastor. We are constantly encouraging new members to join a DG so that everyone in the church can be accounted for and effective pastoral care can be meted out accordingly.