God and Your Depression (4 Books)


Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray explains why and how Christians should study depression, what depression is, and the approaches caregivers, pastors, and churches can take to help those who are suffering from it.

Coping with Depression by Siang Yang Tan and John Ortberg look carefully at the ABCs – Affect, Behavior, and Cognition- of emotional life, showing how your thoughts affect the way you feel and describing how each dimension is linked with depression.

Is It Unspiritual to be Depressed by Paul Ritchie draws from his own experience as a pastor who has struggled with depression, anxiety and O.C.D. and addresses some of the big questions that Christians with mental illnesses and those around them might ask.

Now I Know Why I’m Depressed by H. Norman Wright takes a look at symptoms of depression, Cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies, behavioral activation approaches and how to help a depressed family member.