Pastoral Perspectives

Street Evangelism Encounter

One Saturday, on 19 Jul, before going for Street Evangelism that afternoon, I heard the Lord speaking to me: “It is not you. It is not you. It is Me. It is I who is working in and through you. I will empower you to speak and to share. I will be with you. Take heart and be courageous, my son. Be courageous and confident.” I was deeply encouraged by the words of the LORD.

I went to meet the Street Evangelism team members at a MRT Station in the West. We always meet at the lift landing area. When they had all arrived, I shared a short Bible passage with them taken from 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. If I could recall correctly, I emphasized to them verse 21 which stated: “For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” Through Jesus, we become the righteousness of God. That is the reason for reaching out to the lost, to those who have yet put their faith and trust in the Lord as their personal Saviour. I encouraged the team to go and share so that others may become the righteousness of God.

After praying for the team, with this verse still in mind, we went forth to approach different people to share the Gospel. We had two teams that day but sometimes, we had more. Besides sharing, we also distributed tracts to the people. My teammate and I walked around the area and wondering whom we should share with. We spotted a teenager at a distance. We approached the 15-year-old teenager who was ready to hear me share the booklet, “Steps to Peace with God”. Before sharing with her, she told us that her Christian teacher had on several occasions prayed with her when she faced some personal issues in her life. This little gesture had made an impression in her heart. I asked her whether her teacher had shared with her about Jesus but she replied, “No.” So, I asked her for her permission to share the booklet with her and she said, “Yes”. That was indeed a wonderful opportunity for me. I had not had any opportunity to share the Gospel with anyone for the past many Street Evangelism events we had.

After going through the booklet, I asked her if she would like to receive Jesus as her personal Saviour, she agreed. I was overjoyed by her reply. It was a wonderful encounter. I could not recall when the last time was where I led someone to the LORD. She repeated with me word by word the sinner’s prayer. I went through the assurance of salvation with her. She was able to say that Jesus was in her heart and that she was a child of God. I could see the joy on her face. After that, I wrote her name on the booklet with my contact number in it. I gave her the booklet and asked her to go through it again when she went home. She also left behind her contact number with me. I told her to let her Christian teacher know of her decision to receive Jesus. She agreed. She did have a Bible which her teacher had given her. I told her to begin reading it from the Gospel of Mark.

That day, after returning from the Street Evangelism, I cried before the LORD in my office room. My heart was moved by the LORD, by what He has spoken to me before the Street Evangelism. When I pondered over the salvation of that 15-year-old teenager who gave her heart to Jesus by receiving Him into her heart, my heart rejoiced and I was grateful to God for redeeming and saving her. I comforted myself by stating that I would leave the whole follow-up to God’s loving care. I would pray and trust God to show me how He would want me to go about doing the follow-up. Thank you, God!

So far, I had only What’sApp her once and she said that she was fine. The only thing which I could do is to pray that she would read the bible and grow in her new-found faith in Christ. I also could pray that God will bring someone to connect with her and encourage her to go to church to worship God, to have fellowship with other believers and to learn and grow in her faith.

It is my hope and prayer that by my sharing of this Street Evangelism encounter, many will be encouraged to make the initial move to connect with non-Christian friends and colleagues, finding opportunity to share the Gospel and leading them to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

To God be the glory! Amen.