Pastoral Perspectives

The Power Of A Tract!

Have you ever wondered the effectiveness of a tract?  Have your ever read through the contents of a tract?  Do you know anyone whose life is changed after reading a tract?  What a tract can do is beyond our imagination.  A tract can change a person’s life and a person’s perspective of life.  Do not underestimate the relevancy of a tract. Its contents can point a person to our beloved Lord Jesus.  Read its content often and be ministered by it and be ready to share it with others.  Out there, there are many people who were led to Christ Jesus simply by just reading a little tract.  Placing a tract in the hand of someone who needed it is worth it.  You never know how God works through that little tract.  God can turn that person around through the powerful contents laid down in that tract.  When a person is down, the Lord can use a simple tract to encourage him or her.  When a person is spiritually lost, our God can use a little tract to lead him or her to the saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.

On 1 May, Labour Day, I came to church for spring cleaning.  While clearing the things at 4th floor at Room 402, the place where the Bible Correspondence Club materials were kept, I saw many tracts in one of the drawers.  I brought them to my office at 3rd floor and began reading some Mother’s Day tracts.  I was thrilled by the contents of a tract.  The message in that tract was powerful.  It mentioned about the depth of a mother’s love for her child.  I decided to place those different Mother’s Day tracts in the Gospel Cart.  On 7 May, when I was looking at the Gospel Cart, I found that those Mother’s Day tracts have already been taken by some True Way people.  That is very fast!  I am delighted at this knowledge.

In the early morning of last Sunday, 5 May, I took a taxi to church.  I have never given a tract to a taxi driver.  That morning, I was led by the Lord to retrieve a tract, “From emptiness to satisfaction”, from my working bag.  I placed the tract in the hand of that taxi driver, trusting God to use that tract to minister to him.  I did that after paying him for my taxi fare.  I immediately uttered a short prayer in my heart for him.  I started placing some tracts in my bag since 15 Apr.  I even shared this thought with some people through the WhatsApp on my mobile phone.  These are the words which I encouraged them: “Place some tracts in your bag so that when time of need, you can retrieve them easily.  Thank God for leading me in this.”  I would like to share with you how this thought came about.

In the morning of 15 Apr, Monday, I went to Alexandra Retail Centre to have my breakfast at McDonald.  Monday is usually the day when I have my time alone with God.  On that day, at the McDonald counter, a lady called Rebecca asked me whether I have brought tracts for her grandchildren.  I quickly searched my bag and could only retrieve two Gospel tracts, “Steps to Peace with God” and “Good News for you”.  I placed those tracts in her hand and she was glad to receive them.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage all of us that a simple way of witnessing for Christ is to courageously place a tract in the hand of our neighbour or our friend or even our colleague and then committing them by names to the Lord in prayers, trusting God to work marvelously in their hearts turning them to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I would like to wish all mothers: “A Blessed Mother’s Day”.

Preacher George Ang

May 12, 2013